Dr. Suzy Thompson

Passionate. Edgy. Relatable. Funny. These are just a few adjectives that describe Suzy no matter which hat (Mom, Professor, Counselor, Guide, Mentor, Life-Coach, Educational Psychologist, Wife) that she’s wearing. Suzy grew-up a Third Culture kid with her primary years being spent in both Saudi Arabia and America. Upon a permanent move back to the States, Suzy fell through the schoolhouse cracks and wasn’t identified as a “Gifted/Talented Student” until her junior year in high-school. She says that at that point, she just wanted out and to begin her journey in college. Suzy’s journey began at Tarleton State University where she obtained a Bachelor’s in Psychology and then progressed onto Texas A&M University where she earned both her Masters & Doctorate in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Intelligence, Creativity, & Giftedness. Since 2004, Suzy has spoken at a number of State, National, and International Conferences regarding her research in the fields of giftedness and creativity. She has also been recognized by her colleagues and college students in the “Who’s Who Amongst College Professors” several years in a row.

Suzy’s vitae also includes authoring “Understanding Giftedness: A Practical Guide for Parents,” being a college professor (2004-2019), obtaining her Christ-based Counseling and Life-Coaching Certificates from the National Association of Christ-based Counselors in Dallas, Texas, and then opening her company Understanding Giftedness, LLC in Cedar Park, Tx where she counseled gifted/talented youth and did Christ-based Counseling from 2008 – 2016. After settling down with her husband and children, she heard God’s call on her life to embark on another adventure and embrace the unknown as she Founded and served as Head of School at Acton Imprimis Salado, a Kindergarten -12th grade private Christian Acton Academy.  Acton Imprimis Salado opened its doors in 2019 and has a thriving population of heroes (students) that are embarking on their own Hero’s Journey (educational journey).

Suzy has a true heart for children who are self-motivated, curious, and who display gifted characteristics even if they have never been identified.

” My passion is to help these children become the Masterpieces they were designed to become by helping their caregivers (parents, teachers, counselors, and other guardians) understand the unique and fascinating development, mindsets, and personalities that gifted, talented, and creative individuals posses.” – Suzy 

Dr. Suz uses her expertise as a qualitative researcher and her gift of teaching to explain a variety of topics about intelligence and creativity to her audiences in a format that is informative, practical, humorous, and fun. Her audience will leave the presentation with a renewed sense of understanding and great ideas to implement at home with their gifted, talented, and/or creative children.

In their free time, Suzy and her husband, Aaron, enjoy traveling and spending time on the West Coast with their children.