Will You Share Your Questions With Me?

This is an excerpt from the book I am currently working on. If there is anything that you would personally like me to include in this book (I will do my best), please comment below. I truly want this project to bless as many families as possible. –Suzy

I know that some of you may be at your wits end with your children. Your questions to various professionals have been dismissed.  You are frustrated. You are hurt. You just want to have a “normal” conversation or maybe even just a conversation with your child.

You just need one person to listen. You want to make sure that it’s not you acting crazy. Things are just not making sense. I promise you, sweet soul, you are not crazy. You are rearing up a gifted child and that can be one of your life’s most whirl winding and rewarding experiences. Hear me at a yell here: YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY!

As we journey from this page to the back cover, I look forward to all the Aha! Moments that you and I will share together. There will be laughter and likely tears, but I genuinely want you to understand the amazing little humans that you are blessed with parenting.

 Are gifted kids easy to parent? No. Not at all. Not one bit.  This journey will have you belly laughing one day and wanting to escape from your home the next. Yet is all the grey hair, tears, and therapy sessions worth it? Of course! Hopefully, this book will save you thousands of dollars that could have been spent on therapy sessions. Pocket that cash and purchase yourself a family vacation. Rather yet, grab yourself a spa package.

 Throughout this journey, please remember this one thing: God choose you. This means that you are equipped to rear up your children beautifully. You will have your days. The days that you are so proud of the little beings that they are, and the days that you wonder what the heck did I give birth to? This journey is not for the faint of heart by any means. Yet, the outcome of rearing up a gifted child can have such rich blessings.

You are your children’s first line of defense against anything that could break their spirits and crush their hearts.

Some of you are blessed with compliant gifted children and you are wondering what the above paragraph is all about. If you are not living it, trust me, you do not want to understand it. However, this book is for you too. Everyone can benefit from understanding giftedness at a deeper level.

What a gifted child can do is so insignificant to who they are. As a parent, you are your children’s first line of defense against anything that could break their spirits and crush their hearts. My prayer is that as you flip from page to page, you:

  1. Feel a deeper connection to your gifted child by understanding his/her world better,
  2. Feel inspired that you have “What it Takes” to rear-up your gifted child,
  3. Feel empowered to not only connect with your child but advocate for him/her even better.

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