About “Dr. Suz”

Dr. Suzy Thompson

Passionate. Edgy. Relatable. Funny. These are just a few adjectives that describe Suzy no matter which hat (Mom, Professor, Counselor, Guide, Mentor, Life-Coach, Educational Psychologist, Wife) that she’s wearing. Suzy grew up a Third Culture kid with her primary years being spent in both Saudi Arabia and America.  Suzy’s obtained a Bachelor’s in Psychology and then progressed onto Texas A&M University where she earned both her Masters & Doctorate in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Intelligence, Creativity, & Giftedness.

Since 2004, Suzy has spoken at a number of State, National, and International Conferences regarding her research in the fields of giftedness, intelligence, and creativity including the American Creativity Association, Texas Association of the Gifted & Talented, and a variety of school district teacher training conferences and workshops. She has also been recognized by her colleagues and college students in the “Who’s Who Amongst College Professors” several years in a row.

Dr. Suz uses her expertise as a qualitative researcher, Life-Coach, and the gift of teaching to explain a variety of topics about intelligence and creativity to her audiences in a format that is informative, practical, humorous, and fun. Her audience will leave the presentation with a renewed sense of understanding and great ideas to implement at home with their gifted, talented, and/or creative children.

All gifted individuals go through asynchronous development and have lifelong emotional and social struggles.  The asynchronous development is straight from our genes. The social and emotional overexcitabilites are amplified when caregivers are unaware of what they are and how to navigate. Dr. Dabrowski had groundbreaking discoveries as an intelligence researcher and dicovered an intensified nervous system in gifted individuals. This directly impacted these individuals in five areas: Intellectual, Imaginational, Emotional, Psychomotor, and Sensual. Dabrowski’s “overexcitabilites” explain so much about how a gifted person operates socially and emotionally. My passion is to help both parents and children understand how to flip the overexcitability from a “curse” to a “blessing.”

Dr. Suzy’s clientele range from middle school gifted children to Grammy and Billboard Award-Winning Artists. She has been richly blessed to work with a variety of families, clients, and other colleagues across the world and see them succeed within their life’s callings. No matter what socioeconomic or background you hold, Dr. Suzy would love to work with you and help you discover your God-given gifts, calling, purpose, and assignments. Parenting gifted children is hard, yet very fulfilling. God believes that you have the ability to do it otherwise He wouldn’t have trusted you with His gifted child. Dr. Suzy believes that you can do it too.