Services Offered

Individual Life Coaching There is so many things right about gifted individuals. It is important that they are able to work with a Christian Coach who can personally relate to and professionally understand their unique social and emotional desires and needs. All individual coaching sessions cost $125 for a full sixty minutes of undivided attention and care or $150 for a 90-minute session. 

Weekly support groups (emerging adults – adulthood) 

Laughter. Accountability. Camaraderie. Friendship. Sisterhood. Brotherhood. These are various descriptions from former members of Dr. Suzy-led support groups. These Live a Great Story Support groups meet weekly with a 12-week minimum requirement (to build trust and accountability) that equips, empowers, and inspires gifted individuals to live legendary lives. We dive into a variety of social and emotional aspects of the human journey as a gifted/creative individual and encourage each other to understand and embrace God as an Artist. These groups cost $35 a week. 

Parent Support Groups

The parent zoom meeting and workshop is capped at 20 families per zoom meeting and includes an in-depth lecture of Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities, the Nature and Needs of the Gifted & Talented, or Exploring Creativity. Parent Support Groups meet every two weeks and include a presentation by Dr. Suzy, Question/Answer time allotted, and “Homework” for the parents to do on their own before the next meeting. Currently, all support groups are meeting via Zoom until Flu Season is over. Parent Support Groups cost $75 a month. 

Speaking Engagements 

With almost 20 years of experience, all of Dr. Suzy’s intelligence and/or creativity presentations are geared toward parents, teachers, pastors, and counselors who work with or are rearing-up GT children. Dr. Suzy has spoken at numerous regional, statewide, national, and even international conferences including both the Texas Association of the Gifted & Talented, and the American Creativity Association’s conferences alongside several churches. A minimum fee of $750.00 is required to have her speak at your event plus travel costs (if more than 60 miles from College Station, Texas). Ten out of Ten churches, schools, and nonprofits who have been in her audience ask her to return to their stage again. 

Phone: 512-966-1288 (Text to get a faster return call)


Dr. Suzy Thompson