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Dr.Thompson earned her Ph.d. in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Intelligence and Creativity in 2006. She has spoken at numberous State, National, and International Conferences about Intelligence and Creativity.

Prior to my mid-twenties, had anyone told me that I would accomplish the above, I would have belly laughed. I was an unidentified gifted student who ended up disliking school so much that I basically quit my senior year at Belton High School. I also set a school record of skipping over 40 days between September and December. Divine intervention got me into college and upon realizing how God created me, I’ve been successfully struggling through my overexcitabilties ever since. My mess has become my ministry and I love it.” – Dr. Suz

All gifted individuals go through asynchronous development and have lifelong emotional and social struggles.  The asynchronous development is straight from our genes. The social and emotional overexcitabilites are amplified when caregivers are unaware of what they are and how to navigate. Dr. Dabrowski had groundbreaking discoveries as an intelligence researcher and dicovered an intensified nervous system in gifted individuals. This directly impacted these individuals in five areas: Intellectual, Imaginational, Emotional, Psychomotor, and Sensual. Dabrowski’s “overexcitabilites” explain so much about how a gifted person operates socially and emotionally. My passion is to help both parents and children understand how to flip the overexcitability from a “curse” to a “blessing.”

Service A – Individual Life Coaching via Zoom for 14 year old Girls and Grown-ups.

There are so many things right about gifted girls. It is important that they are able to work with a Christian Coach who can personally relate to and professionally understand them. I offer Christian GT Coaching in the following areas to my sisters:

  1. Identity struggles
  2. Emotional balance
  3. Imaginational morphing (From worst enemy to bestfriend)
  4. Social anxieties
  5. Goal Setting
  6. College Life
  7. Multipotentiality (Working on one’s purpose and calling)
  8. Emerging Adulthood to Adulthood Transitionings

All sessions are $125 per hour or $90 per hour for current students with an active and valid college I.D. I also have a coaching package available which includes five sessions for $500 a $125 discount. Contact me at 

Service B – $40 Zoom Presentations and Workshops (3 hours long)

The parent zoom meeting and workshop is capped at 20 families per zoom meeting and includes an in-depth lecture of Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities, the Nature and Needs of the Gifted & Talented, or Exploring Creativity. There is a 10 minute break included, break-out sessions, and plenty of ideas and resources that you can walk away with equipped to better understand your children. For more information please contact me at 

Service C –Love Offering Presentations to all Churches and Nonprofits

All of my intelligence and/or creativity presentations are geared for parents, teachers, and counselors who work with or are rearing-up GT children. If you are wtihin a 90 mile distance from Salado, Texas, the presentation is given with a love offering collection to help assist my travel/time costs. I can be reached at