Betrayal Trauma Services

The intense emotional turmoil that we, as women, experience when we’ve lived with an intimacy anorexic and/or find out that our spouse has betrayed us is unfathomable to those who have never experienced it. I have. I know the emotional dismantlement that immediately strikes us and all the questions we wrestle with on the daily. I get it sweet sister. I do. After experiencing it, I realized that there are not enough Christian churches and nonprofits who are catering to the heart of the betrayed woman. I would love to help you. I would love to empower you to slay Jezebel and make the devil wish that he never even tempted your husband. I am a Certified Partner Betrayal Trauma Therapist and Coach and I have also studied (intensely) intimacy anorexia. I’ve ran partner groups for almost three years and have spoken to a variety of people, pastors, therapists, and churches about the impact of partner betrayal trauma. I am a voice for you and I can give you a voice to not only empower yourself but help your sisters who are also hiding with the shame of his behavior. 

If you are interested in joining a Lioness Betrayed Group, please email me directly at and place Lioness Betrayed in the subject heading. If you have been through a divorce and/or are struggling with other insecurities due to past emotional abuse or spiritual abuse, please feel free to check out my Slay Sister page and join us on our FaceBook page at this link: (2) Facebook

All Slay Sister and Lioness betrayed groups are $35 a week.