Parent Workshops

Presentations for Parents & Educators

1. Gifted 101: Understanding Your Gifted Child’s Physical, Social, Emotional, & Intellectual Development This course is designed to educate parents of gifted/talented children about asynchronous development, what the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and imaginational overexcitabilities are, and how the combination of these two factors impact our children’s social and emotional health, friendships, emotional stability, and self-esteem both at school and in life. This interactive lecture lasts approximately 75 minutes.

2. Gifted 102:”What I Wish My Parents Had Known when They were Raising Me.” This presentation covers a variety of social, emotional. cognitive, and physical changes that occur in the gifted child’s life from 3rd to 12th grades and how these changes impact each gender differently. Dr. Thompson also shares some concrete and effective tools to use with your children while they transition from child to emerging adult. This interactive lecture lasts approximately 90 minute

3. Gifted 103: “Trajectory Significance”  This course is designed to help parents develop a sure foundation of character in their children that will significantly clarify life’s most commonly found culturally profound questions such as, “What is my purpose?” and “Who am I?” This course is designed to help parents eliminate the negative aspects of shame, codependency, people pleasing, perfectionism, isolation, anger, resentment, perfectionism, and even hopelessness that can easily creep into a GT child’s mind. A 30 minute Question/Answer session proceeds immediately after the presentation.