Presentations, Talks, & Round Table Discussions with Dr. Suzy Thompson

Using her gift of teaching, Dr. Suzy enjoys giving teachers, parents, and GT kids practical tools to help them navigate through the sometimes chaotic waters of emerging adulthood in gifted children. The following is a list of presentations, talks, and round table discussions that empower those who listen.

  • The mindset differences between gifted students, high achievers, and creative students. 
  • Best practices in motivating gifted children in the classroom 
  • How to spot underachievement in an Honor Roll kid 
  • How to motivate gifted kids to be introspective and intrinsically motivated 
  • Navigating the waters of asynchronous development 
  • Multipotentiality issues (this is mainly for junior/senior level kids and their parents). GT kids have a tendency to start strong in college and then change their major multiple times due to the fact that they (gifted kids) could possibly do almost anything they set their minds to. 
  • The importance of keeping the Presence of God in their life so that they don’t end up successful in the world’s eyes yet unfulfilled. 
  • How to avoid a Reverse Psalm 32 LifeStyle in College 
  • Why you Must Honor Your Parents even when you think they don’t make sense 
  • How to Win an argument with a GT kid and Why “I Told You So” will never work 
  • The Who is Greater than the What – Why it’s important to speak identity into your GT kid and not focus so much on their talents 
  • How to Overcome Perfectionism and why that occurs 
  • Morphing Your Imagination into Your Best-Friend instead of Your Worst Enemy (helps greatly with anxiety) 
  • What I Wish My Parents Knew When They Were Raising Me
  • Default Thinking Techniques of High Achievers, Gifted Students, & Creative Students: The Questions They Ask
  • High Achiever vs Gifted Learner

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