Why Christ-based Coaching?

Christ-based coaching is the most effective form of counseling/coaching that one can experience. I fully believe it. No other method of counseling offers the level of success alongside hope, inspiration, perseverance, and fulfillment as Christ-based coaching. – Suzy 

Christ-based coaching inspires a person to embrace who she is in Christ and really experience a relationship with Christ and our Father. It doesn’t matter if the counselee is coming from a gifted, creative, or just normal walk of life, the Bible has the answers to the questions we wrestle with throughout our lives. Christ-based coaching helps women with the following:

  1. Discover your God-given gifts and calling.
  2. Embrace a healthy relationship with Jesus and understand that relationship trumps religious tradition(s).
  3. Discover the roots of your struggles/fears and learn how to strike those fears down so you can walk confidently in Freedom.
  4. Embrace a “Tree of Life” mentality instead of focusing on the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”
  5. Establish healthy boundaries with others so you can honor God with your time and resources.
  6. Learn to walk in Freedom instead of being bound to the battlefield within your mind.