Why Gifted Coaching?

Gifted children have so many things right about them intellectually and creatively.  Every gifted and talented child, teen, and adult has great potential ready to explode into his/her life.  However, for some, the fact that they do not understand themselves, their teacher doesn’t understand their learning style, and/or the best intentioned parents have difficulty handling an even understanding their child’s social and emotional needs. Thus, frustration fills the family’s home. 

Does it Really Matter if I talk with an Expert in Gifted Persons?  

Yes!  “Evaluating and Counseling gifted, talented, and creative adults is as stimulating and rewarding as it is demanding and challenging. The uniqueness of the human personality and the many faces of high potential are, perhaps, even more acutely evident. Counselors who wish to help creatives must be prepared to read between the lines of communication within the domain of the psychological assessment. A direct and indirect inquiry process can facilitate a client’s coming to grips with his or her giftedness, and what that means when re-discovery unlocks feelings of guilt, remorse, regret, anger, and fears about expectations.For the client to experience a successful reunion with the gifted self, the therapist must acquire specialized skills and a distinct attitudeinal approach that permeates the relationship, one that embodies positive regard, sagacity, and support for the client’s creative authority and individuality. With the creative, there is an art to knowing how to plant seeds of suggestion and then let go, respecting the client’s powers of discernment and self-analysis. The capable counselor will be aware of resources for the gifted/creative and be ready to offer suggestions that might further self-understanding and self-efficacy, aiming the client toward opportunities to connect with true peers and new opportunities for actualization of potential. Likewise, the therapist must have at her or his disposal a wealth of clinically sound, effective, creative interventions, and be willing to challenge the client’s self-defeating inaccurate perspectives with established facts and new understandings about what giftedness is and is not, and expedient ways to manage life as a gifted person.” ( Jacobsen, 1999). 

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com